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  Tectonic-Hydrothermal brecciation associated with calicte precipitation and permeability destructionsponsors only content
Katz, D, Eberli, G., Swart, P. and Smith, T. AAPG Special Publication
  Timing and local perturbations to the carbon pool in the Lower Mississippian Madison_limestone, Montana and Wyomingsponsors only content
Katz, D., Buoniconti, M., Montanez, I., Swart, P., Eberli, G. and Smith, T. Palaeoecology, Palaeoceanography, Palaeogeography
  Growth morphologies of modern marine stromatolites, a case study from Highborne Cay, Bahamassponsors only content
Miriam S. Andres, R. Pamela Reid Sedimentary Geology 185, p. 319-328
  Porosity-permeability relationships in interlayered limestone-dolostone reservoirssponsors only content
Ehrenberg, S., Eberli, G., Keramati, M, Moallemi, S. AAPG Bulletin, vol. 90, no.1, p. 91-114
  Porosity-permeability relationships in Miocene carbonate platforms and slopes seaward of the Great Barrier Reef, Australia (ODP Leg 194, Marion Plateau)sponsors only content
Ehrenberg, S., Eberli, G., Baechle, G. Sedimentology 2006 (1-30)
  Isotopic Fingerprints of Microbial Respiration in Aragonite from Bahamian Stromatolitessponsors only content
Andres, M., Summer, D., Reid, P. and Swart, P.K. Geology November 2006 issue




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