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  Bahamian speleothem reveals temperature decrease associated with Heinrich stadialssponsors only content
Author Arienzo, M.M., Swart, P.K., Pourmand, A., Broad, K., Clement, A.C., Murphy, L.N., Vonhof, H.B., and Kakuk, B.
  Geochemical evidence of microbial activity within ooidssponsors only content
Author Diaz, M.R., Swart, P.K., Eberli, G.P., Oehlert, A.M., Devlin, Q., Saied, A., and Altabet, M.A.
  Organic sedimentation in modern lacustrine systems: A case study from Lake Malawi, East Africasponsors only content
Author Ellis, G.S., Katz, B.J., Scholz, C.A., and Swart, P.K.
  Ventilation time scales of the North Atlantic subtropical cell revealed by coral radiocarbon from the Cape Verde Islandssponsors only content
Author Fernandez, A., Lapen, T.J., Andreasen, R., Swart, P.K., White, C.D., and Rosenheim, B.E.
  Diffraction signatures of fracture intersectionssponsors only content
Author Grasmueck, M., Moser, T. J., Pelissier, M. A., Pajchel, J., and Pomar, K.
  Mapping bathymetry and depositional facies on Great Bahama Banksponsors only content
Author Harris, P.M., Purkis, S.J., Ellis, J., Swart, P.K., and Reijmer, J.J.G.
  Rapid Assessment of the Impact of Hurricane Irene on the Depositional Environments of the Bahamassponsors only content
Author Jackson, K.L., Eberli, G.P., Cantwell, K., and Avissar, R.
  The stable isotopic composition of carbonate (C & O) and the organic matrix (C & N) in waterbird eggshells from South Florida: insights into feeding ecology, timing of egg formation, and geographic rangesponsors only content
Author Mackenzie, G.J., Schaffner, F.C., and Swart, P.K.
  The impact of high-density spatial sampling versus antenna orientation on 3D GPR fracture imagingsponsors only content
Author Marchesini, P., and Grasmueck, M.
  Boron during meteoric diagenesis and its potential implications for Marinoan snowball Earth δ11B-pH excursionssponsors only content
Author Stewart, J.A., Gutjahr, M., Pearce, F., Swart, P.K., and Foster, G.L.
  The Geochemistry of carbonate diagenesis: the past, present and futuresponsors only content
Author Swart, P.K.
  Micro rhombic calcite of a giant Barremian (Thamama B) Reservoir onshore Abu Dhabi-clumped isotope analyses fix temperature, water composition and timing of burial diagenesissponsors only content
Author Vahrenkamp, V., Barata, J., Van Laer, P.J., Swart, P.K., and Murray, S.
  The inversion of aragonite to calcite during the sampling of skeletal archives: Implications for proxy interpretationsponsors only content
Author Waite, A.J., and Swart, P.K.
  Pore-scale modeling of elastic wave propagation in carbonate rockssponsors only content
Author Wang, Z., Wang, R., Weger, R.J., Li, T., and Wang, F.
  Seismic expressions of the Quintuco-Vaca Muerta System based on outcrop facies and geometrysponsors only content
Author Zeller, M., Eberli, G.P., Weger, R.J., Giunta, D.L., and Massaferro, J.L.
  Depositional controls on mixed carbonate–siliciclastic cycles and sequences on gently inclined shelf profilessponsors only content
Author Zeller, M., Verwer, K., Eberli, G.P., Massaferro, J.L., Schwarz, E., and Spalletti, L.




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