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  A new species of Bathypathes (Cnidaria, Anthozoa, Antipatharia, Schizopathidae) from the Red Sea and its phylogenetic position. sponsors only content
Author Chimienti, G., Terraneo, T. I., Vicario, S., Marchese, F., Purkis, S. J., Eweida, A. A., Rodrigue, M., and Benzoni, F.
  Oceans Across the Solar System and the Search for Extraoceanic Life: Technologies for Remote Sensing and In Situ Exploration. sponsors only content
Author Chirayath, V., Bagshaw, E., Craft, K., Heidi, H., Lim, D., Malaska, M., Pizarro, O., Purkis, S., Schroeder, D., Sobron, P., Waller, S., and Winebrenner, D.
  A synthesis of monsoon exploration in the Asian marginal seas. sponsors only content
Author Clift, P. D., Betzler, C., Clemens, S. C., Christensen, B., Eberli, G. P., France-Lanord, C., Gallagher, S., Holbourn, A., Kuhnt, W., Murray, R. W., Rosenthal, Y., Tada, R., and Wan, S.
  Analytical Artefacts Preclude Reliable Isotope Ratio Measurement of Internal Water in Coral Skeletons. sponsors only content
Author de Graaf, S., Vonhof, H. B., Reijmer, J. J. G., Feenstra, E., Mienis, F., Prud’Homme, C., Zinke, J., van der Lubbe, J. H. J. L., Swart, P. K., and Haug, G.
  Microbial contribution to early marine cementation. sponsors only content
Author Diaz, M. R., and Eberli, G. P.
  Indigenous microbial communities as catalysts for early marine cements: An in vitro study. sponsors only content
Author Diaz, M. R., Eberli, G. P., and Weger, R. J.
  Cadmium isotopes in Bahamas platform carbonates: A base for reconstruction of past surface water bioproductivity and their link with chromium isotopes. sponsors only content
Author Frederiksen, J. A., Klaebe, R. M., Farkaš, J., Swart, P. K., and Frei, R.
  Decoupling of Pore Water Chemistry, Bacterial Community Profiles, and Carbonate Mud Diagenesis in a Land-Locked Pool on Aldabra (Seychelles, Indian Ocean).sponsors only content
Author Fussmann, D., von Hoyningen-Huene, A. J. E., Reimer, A., Schneider, D., Karius, V., Riechelmann, S., Pederson, C., Swart, P. K., Daniel, R., and Arp, G.
  The Prospect of Global Coral Reef Bathymetry by Combining Ice, Cloud, and Land Elevation Satellite-2 Altimetry with Multispectral Satellite Imagery.sponsors only content
Author Gleason, A. C. R., Smith, R., Purkis, S. J., Goodrich, K., Dempsey, A., and Mantero, A.
  Advancing a hyperlocal approach to community engagement in climate adaptation: Results from a South Florida pilot study in two communities. sponsors only content
Author Harrison, T. R., Clark, A., Clement, A., Lombard, J., Maranto, G., Parrish, A. I., Purkis, S. I., Reamer, M., Collins, O., Lewis, C., Cruz, M., and Solache, A.
  Amphistegina lobifera foraminifera are excellent bioindicators of heat stress on high latitude Red Sea reefs. sponsors only content
Author Humphreys, A. F., Abdulla, A., Sherman, S., Levine, J., Arista, K., Jones, L., Hoffman, C., Palavicini, G., Vimercati, S., Terraneo, T. I., Ouhssain, M., Rodrigue, M., and Purkis, S. J.
  A New Foraminiferal Bioindicator for Long-Term Heat Stress on Coral Reefs.sponsors only content
Author Humphreys, A. F., Purkis, S. J., Wan, C., Aldrich, M., Nichols, S., and Garza, J.
  Natural Laboratory for Studying Stratigraphic Architecture, Facies Tract Distribution, and Syndepositional Deformation in Carbonate Ramps and Steep-Rimmed – Platforms: Guadalupe Mountains, West Texas and New Mexico. sponsors only content
Author Kerans, C., Zahm, C., Garcia-Fresca, B., and Harris, P. M.
  Coevolution of diagenetic fronts and fluid-fracture pathways. sponsors only content
Author Koeshidayatullah, A., Al-Sinawi, N., Swart, P. K., Boyce, A., Redfern, J., and Hollis, C.
  Simulating sedimentation on the Great Bahama Bank – Sources, sinks and storms. sponsors only content
Author Lopez-Gamundi, C., Dobbelaere, T., Hanert, E., Harris, P. M., Eberli, G., and Purkis, S. J.
  Clumped isotope acid fractionation factors for dolomite and calcite revisited: Should we care? sponsors only content
Author Lu, C., Murray, S., Koeshidayatullah, A., and Swart, P. K.
  The First Deep-Sea Stylasterid (Hydrozoa, Stylasteridae) of the Red Sea. sponsors only content
Author Maggioni, D., Terraneo, T. I., Chimienti, G., Marchese, F., Pica, D., Cairns, S. D., Eweida, A. A., Rodrigue, M., Purkis, S. J., and Benzoni, F.
  The mid-Holocene sea-level change in the Arabian Gulf. sponsors only content
Author Mauz, B., Shen, Z., Alsuwaidi, M., Mellini, D., Spada, G., and Purkis, S. J.
  Evidence for recrystallization and fluid advection in the Maldives using the sulfur isotopic composition of porewaters, carbonates, and celestine. sponsors only content
Author Moore, E. W., and Swart, P. K.
  Physical, chemical, and microbial feedbacks controlling brine geochemistry and lake morphology in polyextreme salar environments.sponsors only content
Author Oehlert, A. M., Suosaari, E. P., Kong, T., Piggot, A. M., Maizel, D., Lascu, I., Demergasso, C., Chong Díaz, G., and Reid, R. P.
  Holocene sediment distribution in the Al Wajh platform lagoon (northern Red Sea, Saudi Arabia), a modern analogue for large rift basin carbonate platforms. sponsors only content
Author Petrovic, A., Ariza Fuentes, M., Putri, I., Yahaya, L. N., Khanna, P., Purkis, S. J., and Vahrenkamp, V.
  Identification of fossil contourite drifts in the Delaware Basin, USA. sponsors only content
Author Price, B. J., Janson, X., Kerans, C., and Eberli, G. P.
  Remote Sensing the Ocean Biosphere. sponsors only content
Author Purkis, S., and Chirayath, V. Publication Info
  Discovery of the deep-sea NEOM Brine Pools in the Gulf of Aqaba, Red Sea.sponsors only content
Author Purkis, S. J., Shernisky, H., Swart, P. K., Sharifi, A., Oehlert, A., Marchese, F., Benzoni, F., Chimienti, G., Duchâtellier, G., Klaus, J., Eberli, G. P., Peterson, L., Craig, A., Rodrigue, M., Titschack, J., Kolodziej, G., and Abdulla, A.
  Tsunamigenic Potential of an Incipient Submarine Landslide in the Tiran Straits.sponsors only content
Author Purkis, S. J., Ward, S. N., Shernisky, H., Chimienti, G., Sharifi, A., Marchese, F., Benzoni, F., Rodrigue, M., Raymo, M. E., and Abdulla, A.
  Electrical conductivity as a driver of biological and geological spatial heterogeneity in the Puquios, Salar de Llamara, Atacama Desert, Chile. sponsors only content
Author Reid, R. P., Oehlert, A. M., Suosaari, E. P., Demergasso, C., Chong, G., Escudero, L. V., Piggot, A. M., Lascu, I., and Palma, A. T.
  Quantifying concretion distribution in shales of the Vaca Muerta-Quintuco system, Neuquén Basin, Argentina. sponsors only content
Author Rodriguez-Blanco, L., Eberli, G. P., Weger, R. J., McNeill, D. F., and Swart, P. K.
  Negative δ13Ccarb values at the Jurassic-Cretaceous boundary – Vaca Muerta Formation, Neuquén Basin, Argentina. sponsors only content
Author Rodriguez-Blanco, L., Swart, P. K., Eberli, G. P., and Weger, R. J.
  The Spanish wells: Freshwater lenses and the Florida Keys.sponsors only content
Author Schneider, M. J., Ardren, T., Bertelli, B., Jorissen, P., and Purkis, S. J.
  The occurrence of a palaeo-lithification front in an overpressured basin (Chalk Group)—Timing from clumped isotopes and seismic stratigraphic analysis. sponsors only content
Author Smit, F. W. H., Stemmerik, L., Smith, M. E., Staudigel, P. T., Lüthje, M., Mathiesen, A., van Buchem, F. S. P., and Swart, P. K.
  The influence of diagenesis on carbon and oxygen isotope values in shallow water carbonates from the Atlantic and Pacific: Implications for the interpretation of the global carbon cycle. sponsors only content
Author Smith, M. E., and Swart, P. K.
  Environmental and Biological Controls on Sedimentary Bottom Types in the Puquios of the Salar de Llamara, Northern Chile. sponsors only content
Author Suosaari, E. P., Oehlert, A. M., Lascu, I., Decho, A. W., Piggot, A. M., Palma, A. T., Machabee, P. F., and Reid, R. P.
  The microbial carbonate factory of Hamelin Pool, Shark Bay, Western Australia. sponsors only content
Author Suosaari, E. P., Reid, R. P., Mercadier, C., Vitek, B. E., Oehlert, A. M., Stolz, J. F., Giusfredi, P. E., and Eberli, G. P.
  Initial Accretion in Hamelin Pool Microbialites: The Role of Entophysalis in Precipitation of Microbial Micrite.sponsors only content
Author Vitek, B. E., Suosaari, E. P., Stolz, J. F., Oehlert, A. M., Reid, R. P.
  Variability in effective moisture inferred from inclusion fluid δ18O and δ2H values in a central Sierra Nevada stalagmite (CA). sponsors only content
Author Wortham, B. E., Montañez, I. P., Swart, P. K., Vonhof, H., and Tabor, C.
  The stratigraphic significance of self-organization: Exploring how autogenic processes can generate cyclical carbonate platform strata.sponsors only content
Author Xi, H., and Burgess, P. M.
  Spatial self-organization of marine agglutinated microbial carbonate build-ups: Insights from stratigraphic forward modelling using Stromatobyte3D.sponsors only content
Author Xi, H., Burgess, P. M., Kozlowski, E., Hunt, D. W., Jurkiw, A., and Masiero, I. Xi, H., Burgess, P. M., Kozlowski, E., Hunt, D. W., Jurkiw, A., and Masiero, I.




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