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  InterCarb: A community effort to improve inter-laboratory standardization of the carbonate clumped isotope thermometer using carbonate standardssponsors only content
Author Bernasconi, S.M., Daeron, M., Bergmann, K.D., Bonifacie, M., Meckler, A.N., Affek, H.P., Anderson, N., Bajnai, D., Barkan, E., Beverly, E., Blamart, D., Burgener, L. et al.
  A benthic habitat sensitivity analysis of Qatar’s coastal zonesponsors only content
Author Butler, J.D., Purkis, C., Purkis, S.J., Yousef, R., and Al-Shaikh, I.
  Late Miocene onset of Tasman Leakage and Southern Hemisphere Supergyre ushers in Near-modern Circulationsponsors only content
Author Christensen, B.A., De Vleeschouwer, D., Henderiks, J., Groeneveld, J., Auer, G., Drury, A.J., Karatsolis, B.T., Lyu, J., Betzler, C., Eberli, G.P., and Dick, D.
  Microbial contribution to early marine cementationsponsors only content
Author Diaz, M.D., and Eberli, G.P.
  Late Cretaceous to Palaeogene carbon isotope, calcareous nannofossil and foraminifera stratigraphy of the Chalk Group, Central North Seasponsors only content
Author Eldrett, J.S., Viera, M., Gallagher, L., Hampton, M., Blaauw, M.,  and Swart, P.K.
  Cadmium isotopes in Bahamas platform carbonates: A base for reconstruction of past surface water bioproductivity and their link with chromium isotopessponsors only content
Author Frederiksen, J.A., Klaebe, R.M., Farkaš, J., Swart, P.K., and Frei, R.
  Seismic stratigraphic evidence pre-impact basin in the Yucatan Platform: morphology of the Chicxulub crater and K/Pg boundary depositssponsors only content
Author Guzmán-Hidalgo, E., Grajales-Nishimura, J.M., Eberli, G.P., Aguayo-Camargo, J.E., Urrutia-Fucugauchi, J., and Pérez-Cruz, L.
  A quantitative criterion with which to distinguish facies belts from mosaics in carbonate deposystemssponsors only content
Author Kerr, J.M., Purkis, S.J., Riegl, B., and Burgess, P.M.
  Mg and Sr isotopic evidence for basin wide alteration of early diagenetic dolomite in the Williston Basin by ascending crustal fluidssponsors only content
Author Kimmig, S.R.  Nadeau, M.D.,  Swart, P.K., and Holmden, C.
  Chromium isotope heterogeneity on a modern carbonate platform: Implications for an emerging paleo-redoxsponsors only content
Author Klaebe, R., Swart, P.K., and Frei, R.
  Dissolution of ooids in seawater-derived fluids – an example from Lower Permian resedimented carbonatessponsors only content
Author Laya, J. C., Albader, A., Kaczmarek, S., Pope, M., Harris, P.M., and Miller, B.
  Middle Miocene platform drowning in the Maldives associated with monsoon-related intensification of currentssponsors only content
Author Ling, A., Eberli, G.P., Swart, P.K., Reolid, J., Stainbank, S., Rüggeberg, A., and Betzler, C.
  Reconstructing paleoceanographic conditions during the middle Ediacaran: Evidence from giant ooids in South Chinasponsors only content
Author Lu, C., Li, F., Oehlert, A.M., Li, J., and Zou, H.
  Depositional model for the Vaca Muerta Formation and implications for reservoir qualitysponsors only content
Author Minisini, D., Desjardins, P., Otharán, G., Paz, M., Kietzmann, D., Eberli, G.P., Zavala, C., Simo, T., and Heine, C.
  How nanopores influence dry-frame VP pressure sensitivitysponsors only content
Author Raj, R., Jaiswal, P., Wang, Y., Grammer, G.M., and Weger, R.J.
  Electrical conductivity as a driver of biological and geological spatial heterogeneity in the Puquios, Salar de Llamara, Atacama Desert Chile. sponsors only content
Author Reid, R.P., Oehlert, A.M., Suosaari, E.P., Demergasso, C., Chong, G., Escudero, V.,  Piggot, A.M., Lascu, I., and Palma, A.T.
  An abrupt Middle-Miocene increase in fluid flow into the Leeward Margin Great Bahama Bank, constraints from δ44Ca and Δ47 valuessponsors only content
Author Staudigel, P.T., Higgins, J.A., and Swart, P.K.
  Red Sea Holocene carbonates: Windward platform margin and lagoon near Al-Wajh, northern Saudi Arabiasponsors only content
Author Steinhauff, D.M., AbuBshait, A.J., and Purkis, S.J.
  A calibration equation between Δ48 values of carbonate and temperaturesponsors only content
Author Swart, P.K., Lu, C., Moore, E., Smith, M., Murray, S., and Staudigel, P.T.
  Natural fractures: From core and outcrop observations to subsurface modelssponsors only content
Author Ukar, E., Gale, J.F., Fall, A., López, R.G., Hryb, D., Manceda, R., Brisson, I., Hernandez-Bilbao, E., Weger, R.J., and Marchal, D.A.
  Observational and Model Evidence for an Important Role for Volcanic Forcing Driving Atlantic Multidecadal Variability Over the Last 600 Yearssponsors only content
Author Waite, A.J., Klavans, J.M., Clement, A.C., Murphy, L.N., Liebetrau, V., Eisenhauer, A., Weger, R.J., and Swart, P.K.
  Calibration of carbonate-water triple oxygen isotope fractionation: seeing through diagenesis in ancient carbonatessponsors only content
Author Wostbrock, J.A.G., Brand, U.,  Coplen, T. B.,  Swart, P.K.,  Carlson, S.J., Brearley, A., and Sharp, Z.D.
  Multi-decadal atoll-island dynamics in the Indian Ocean Chagos Archipelagosponsors only content
Author Wu, M., Harris, P.M., Eberli, G., and Purkis, S.J.
  Sea-level, storms, and sedimentation – Controls on the architecture of the Andros tidal flats (Great Bahama Bank)sponsors only content
Author Wu, M., Harris, P.M., Eberli, G., and Purkis, S.J.




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