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  Dripwater and Calcite Geochemistry Variations in a Monitored Bahamas Cavesponsors only content
Author Arienzo, M. M., Mehterian, S., Swart, P. K., Broad, K., and Kakuk, B.
  African biomass burning is a substantial source of phosphorus deposition to the Amazon, Tropical Atlantic Ocean, and Southern Oceansponsors only content
Author Barkley, A. E., Prospero, J. M., Mahowald, N., Hamilton, D. S., Popendorf, K. J., Oehlert, A. M., Pourmand, A., Gatineau, A., Panechou-Pulcherie, K., Blackwelder, P., and Gaston, C. J.
  Miocene start of modern carbonate platformssponsors only content
Author Betzler, C., and Eberli, G. P.
  Advected glacial seawater preserved in the subsurface of the Maldives carbonate edificesponsors only content
Author Blättler, C. L., Higgins, J. A., and Swart, P. K.
  Co-existence of skeletal and ooid shoals as a result of antecedent topography—Cat cay shoal complex, Bahamassponsors only content
Author Cruz, F. E. G., and Eberli, G. P.
  Decoding the mechanism of formation in marine ooids: A reviewsponsors only content
Author Diaz, M. R., and Eberli, G. P.
  Quantifying the relationship between water depth and carbonate faciessponsors only content
Author Dyer, B., Maloof, A. C., Purkis, S. J., and Harris, P. M.
  A Cretaceous carbonate delta drift in the Montagna della Maiella, Italysponsors only content
Author Eberli, G. P., Bernoulli, D., Vecsei, A., Sekti, R., Grasmueck, M., Lüdmann, T., Anselmetti, F. S., Mutti, M., and Porta, G. Della
  Characteristics of modern carbonate contourite driftssponsors only content
Author Eberli, G. P., and Betzler, C.
  The influence of seawater chemistry on carbonateassociated sulfate derived from coral skeletonssponsors only content
Author Giri, S. J., and Swart, P. K.
  The influence of seawater calcium ions on coral calcification mechanisms: Constraints from boron and carbon isotopes and B/Ca ratios in Pocillopora damicornissponsors only content
Author Giri, S. J., Swart, P. K., and Pourmand, A.
  Lessons from a modern carbonate sandbody – A personal experience of comparative sedimentologysponsors only content
Author Harris, P. M.
  The Formation and Distribution of Modern Ooids on Great Bahama Banksponsors only content
Author Harris, P. M., Diaz, M. R., and Eberli, G. P.
  New Geological Perspectives of the Pleistocene Miami Oolite: Guidebook prepared for University of Miami Robert Ginsburg Legacy Symposiumsponsors only content
Author Harris, P. M. and Purkis, S. J.
  An algorithm for optically-deriving water depth from multispectral imagery in coral reef landscapes in the absence of ground-truth datasponsors only content
Author Kerr, J. M., and Purkis, S.
  A two million year record of low-latitude aridity linked to continental weathering from the Maldivessponsors only content
Author Kunkelova, T., Odling, N., Thomas, A., Betzler, C.G., Eberli, G.P., Alvarez-Zarikian, C.A., Alonso-García, M., Bialik, O.M., Blättler, C.L., Guo., J.A., Haffen, S., Horozal, Ling A.H.M., Inoue, M., S., Jovane, L., Lanci, L., Laya, J.C., Lüdmann, T., Nath, B.N.,., Nakakuni, M., Niino, K., Petruny, L.M., Pratiwi, S.D., Reijmer, J.J.G., Reolid, J., Slagle, A.L., Sloss, C.R., Su, X., D., Swart, P.K., Wright, J.D., Yao, Z., Young, J.R, Hayman, S., Spezzaferri, S., and Kroon, D.
  Magnetic properties of early Pliocene sediments from IODP Site U1467 (Maldives platform) reveal changes in the monsoon systemsponsors only content
Author Lanci, L., Zanella, E., Jovane, L., Galeotti, S., Alonso-García, M., Alvarez-Zarikian, C. A., Bejugam, N. N., Betzler, C., Bialik, O. M., Blättler, C. L., Eberli, G. P., Guo, J. A., Haffen, S., Horozal, S., Inoue, M., Kroon, D., Laya, J. C., … Young, J. R.
  Modern carbonate ooids preserve ambient aqueous REE signaturessponsors only content
Author Li, F., Webb, G. E., Algeo, T. J., Kershaw, S., Lu, C., Oehlert, A. M., Gong, Q., Pourmand, A., and Tan, X.
  Evaluating the fidelity of the cerium paleoredox tracer during variable carbonate diagenesis on the Great Bahamas Banksponsors only content
Author Liu, X.-M., Hardisty, D. S., Lyons, T. W., and Swart, P. K.
  Quantifying carbonate sediment mixing across a formational boundary, an example from the Late Pleistocene Miami Limestonesponsors only content
Author McNeill, D. F., Pederson, C., Brownlow, D., Klaus, J. S., and Blackwelder, P.
  Rolling window regression of δ13C and δ18O values in carbonate sediments: Implications for source and diagenesissponsors only content
Author Oehlert, A. M., and Swart, P. K.
  Multi-proxy constraints on the significance of covariant δ13C values in carbonate and organic carbon during the early Mississippiansponsors only content
Author Oehlert, A. M., Swart, P. K., Eberli, G. P., Evans, S., and Frank, T. D.
  Neogene palaeoceanographic changes recorded in a carbonate contourite drift (Santaren Channel, Bahamas)sponsors only content
Author Paulat, M., Lüdmann, T., Betzler, C., and Eberli, G. P.
  Deposition and early diagenesis of microbial mud in the Florida Evergladessponsors only content
Author Pederson, C. L., Klaus, J. S., Swart, P. K., and Mcneill, D. F.
  Upscaling lithology and porosity-type fractions from the micro- to the core-scale with thin-section petrography, dual-energy computed tomography, and rock typing: Creation of diagenesis and porosity-type logssponsors only content
Author Proctor, J. M., Droxler, A. W., Derzhi, N., Hopson, H. H., Harris, P. (Mitch), Khanna, P., and Lehrmann, D. J.
  Remote sensing coral reefs. In Cochran J. K., Bokuniewicz H. and Yager, P. (editors), Encyclopedia of Ocean Sciences, Third Editionsponsors only content
Author Purkis, S. J.
  High-resolution habitat and bathymetry maps for 65,000 sq. km of Earth’s remotest coral reefssponsors only content
Author Purkis, S. J., Gleason, A. C. R., Purkis, C. R., Dempsey, A. C., Renaud, P. G., Faisal, M., Saul, S., and Kerr, J. M.
  Controls of depositional facies patterns on a modern carbonate platform: Insight from hydrodynamic modelingsponsors only content
Author Purkis, S. J., Harris, P. M., and Cavalcante, G.
  A diagenetic origin for isotopic variability of sediments deposited on the margin of Great Bahama Bank, insights from clumped isotopessponsors only content
Author Staudigel, P. T., and Swart, P. K.
  Stromatolite Provinces of Hamelin Pool: Physiographic Controls On Stromatolites and Associated Lithofaciessponsors only content
Author Suosaari, E. P., Reid, R. P., Oehlert, A. M., Playford, P. E., Steffensen, C. K., Andres, M. S., Suosaari, G. V., Milano, G. R., and Eberli, G. P.
  Celebration of the Career of Robert Nathan Ginsburgsponsors only content
Author Swart, P.K., McKenzie, J., and Samankassou, E.
  Anoxic Events Recorded at Platform Derived Sediments from the Early Miocene of the Maldivessponsors only content
Author Swart, P.K., Mackenzie, G.J., Blättler, C.L., Nakakuni, M., Eberli, G.P., Betzler,C., Alvarez- Zarikian, C.A., Wright, J., Kroon, D., Reolid, J., Slagle, A.L., Hui Mee, A.L., Reijmer, J.J., Bialik, O.M., Alonso-García, M., Guo, J.A., Haffen, J., Horozal, S., Inoue, M., Jovane, L., Lanci, Laya, J-C, Lüdmann, T., Nath, N., Niino, K., Petruny, L.M., Pratiwi, S.D., Su, X., Sloss, J.C.R., Yao, Z., Young, J.R.
  Do drifts deposited adjacent to carbonate platforms record the signal of global carbon isotopic values?sponsors only content
Author Swart, P. K., Mackenzie, G. J., Eberli, G. P., Lüdmann, T., and Betzler, C.
  Oxygen Isotopic Exchange Between CO2 and Phosphoric Acid: Implications for the Measurement of Clumped Isotopes in Carbonatessponsors only content
Author Swart, P. K., Murray, S. T., Staudigel, P. T., and Hodell, D. A.
  Paleothermometry and distribution of calcite beef in the Vaca Muerta Formation, Neuquén Basin, Argentinasponsors only content
Author Weger, R. J., Murray, S. T., McNeill, D. F., Swart, P. K., Eberli, G. P., Rodriguez Blanco, L., Tenaglia, M., and Rueda, L. E.
  The limited link between accommodation space, sediment thickness, and inner platform facies distribution (Holocene–Pleistocene, Bahamas)sponsors only content
Author Weij, R., Reijmer, J. J. G., Eberli, G. P., and Swart, P. K.




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