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  Variability of cold-water coral mounds in a high sediment input and tidal current regime, Straits of Floridasponsors only content
Correa, T. B. S., Grasmueck, M., Eberli, G. P., Reed, J., Verwer, K., and S. Purkis, 2012, Sedimentology, v. 59, p. 1278-1304.
  Genesis and morphology of cold-water coral ridges in a unidirectional current regimesponsors only content
Correa, T. B. S., Eberli, G. P., Grasmueck, M., and J. K. Reed, In Press, Marine Geology.
  Environmental controls on cold-water coral mound distribution, morphology, and development in the Straits of Floridasponsors only content
Correa, T. B. S., 2012, University of Miami Ph.D. Dissertation, Open Access Dissertations, Paper 716.
  Bacterial community of oolitic carbonate sediments of the Bahamas archipelagosponsors only content
Diaz, M. R., Piggot, A. M., Eberli, G. P., and J. S. Klaus, Submitted, Marine-Ecology Progress Series.
  Petrophysical characterization of Pliocene – Pleistocene reefal carbonates, southern Dominican Republicsponsors only content
Ditya, A., 2012, University of Miami M.S. Thesis, Open Access Theses, Paper 358.
  Uncertainties of extracting amplitude and frequency of orbitally driven sea-level fluctuations from shallow-water carbonate cyclessponsors only content
Eberli, G. P., Submitted, Sedimentology.
  Persistence and change in community composition of reef corals through 1 Present, Past and Future Climatessponsors only content
Edmunds, P. J., Adjeroud, M., Baskett, M. L., Baums, I. B., Budd, A. F., Carpenter, R. C., Fabina, N., Fan, T.-Y., Franklin, E. C., Gross, K., Han, X., Jacobson, L., Klaus, J. S., McClanahan, T. R., O’Leary, J. K., van Oppen, M. J. H., Pochon, X., Putnam, H. M., Smith, T. B., Stat, M., Sweatman, H., van Woesik, R., and R. D. Gates, Submitted, Proceeding of the Royal Society B.
  Diffraction imaging of sub-vertical fractures and karst with full-resolution 3D GPRsponsors only content
Grasmueck, M., Coll, M., Eberli G. P., and K. Pomar, Accepted, Geophysical Prospecting.
  Neogene reef coral assemblages of the Bocas del Toro Archipelago, Panamasponsors only content
Klaus, J. S., McNeill, D. F., Budd, A. F., and A. G. Coates, 2012, Coral Reefs, v. 31, p. 191-203.
  Resource partitioning and paleoecology of Neogene free-living corals as determined from skeletal stable isotope compositionsponsors only content
Klaus, J. S., Murray, S. T., Swart, P. K., and D. F. McNeill, Submitted, Bulletin of Marine Science.
  Nitrogen and carbon isotopic systematics of the Florida reef tractsponsors only content
Lamb, K., Swart, P. K., and M. A. Altabet, 2012, Bulletin of Marine Science, v. 88, no. 1, p. 1-28.
  Late Aptian long-lived glacio-eustatic lowstand recorded on the Arabian Platesponsors only content
Maurer, F., van Buchem, F. S. P., Eberli, G. P., Pierson, B. J., Raven, M. J., Larsen, P-H. Al-Husseini, M. I., and B. Vincent, Accepted, Terra Nova.  
  Late Precambrian and Cambrian microbial carbonates of the Death Valley regionsponsors only content
McNeill et al., 2012, CSL - Center for Carbonate Research Guidebook.
  Depositional sequences and stratigraphy of the Colon carbonate platform: Bocas del Toro Archipelago, Panamasponsors only content
McNeill, D. F., Klaus, J. S., O’Connell, L. A., Coates, A. G., and W. A. Morgan, Accepted, Journal of Sedimentary Research.
  New insights into the morphology and sedimentary processes along the western slope of Great Bahama Banksponsors only content
Mulder, T., Ducassou, E., Eberli, G. P., Hanquiez, V., Gonthier, E., Kindler, P., Principaud, M., Fournier, F., Léonide, P., Billeaud, I., Marsset, B., Reijmer, J. J. G., Bondu, C., Joussiaume, R., and M. Pakiades, 2012, Geology, v. 40, no. 7, p. 603–606.  
  Canyon morphology on a modern carbonate slope of the Bahamas: evidence of regional tectonic tiltingsponsors only content
Mulder, T., Ducassou, E., Gillet, H., Hanquiez, V., Tournadour, E., Combes, J., Eberli, G.P., Kindler, P., Gonthier, E., Conesa, G., Robin, C., Sianipar, R., Reijmer, J. J. G., and A. Francois, 2012, Geology, v. 40, no. 9, p. 771–774.
  Three-dimensional diffraction response of salt diapirssponsors only content
Pelissier, M. A., Moser, T. J., Grasmueck, M., and J. Pajchel, 2012, 74th EAGE Conference & Exhibition, Expanded Abstracts.
  Relationship between Enterococcal levels and sediment biofilms at recreational beaches in South Floridasponsors only content
Piggot, A. M., Klaus, J. S., Johnson, S., Philips, M. C, and H. M. Solo-Gabriele, 2012, Applied and Environmental Microbiology, v. 78, no. 17, p. 5973-5982.
  Does the global stratigraphic reproducibility of 13C in Neoproterozoic carbonates require a marine origin? A Pliocene-Pleistocene comparisonsponsors only content
Swart, P. K., and M. J. Kennedy, 2012, Geology, v. 40, no. 1, p. 87-90.
  Evaluation of amino acid racemization variability in Quaternary coralssponsors only content
Van Ee, N. J., Cooper, K. E., Kaufman, D. S., and G. P. Eberli, 2012, Proceedings of the 12th International Coral Reef Symposium, Cairns, Australia, 9-13 July (Expanded Abstract and Poster).
  Hosts of the Plio-Pleistocene past reflect modern-day coral vulnerabilitysponsors only content
Van Woesik, R., Franklin, E. C., O’Leary, J., McClanahan, T. R., Klaus, J. S., and A. F. Budd, 2012, Proceedings of the Royal Society B., v. 279, p. 2448-2456.




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