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  Impact of basin architecture on diagenesis and dolomitization in a fault-bounded carbonate platform: outcrop analogue of a presalt carbonate reservoir, Red Sea rift, NW Saudi Arabiasponsors only content
Author Al-Ramadan, K., Koeshidayatullah, A., Cantrell, D., and Swart, P. K.
  Acclimatization Drives Differences in Reef-Building Coral Calcification Rates
Author Barnhill, K., Jogee, N., Brown, C.N., McGowan, A., Rodgers, K., Bryceson, I., and Bahr, K.
  Control of Deep Currents on Sediment and Cold-Water Coral Distribution on the Northern Manihiki Plateausponsors only content
Author Bashah, S., Galvez, K.C., Eberli, G. P. and Cantwell, K.
  Shifts in source contribution to peri-platform deposits during the Early to Middle Miocene in response to climatic and oceanographic forcing, Maldives, western Indian Oceansponsors only content
Author Bialik, O., Reolid, J., Betzler, C. Eberli, G. P., and Waldmann N.
  Tracing nutrient pollution from industrialized animal production in a large coastal watershed
Author Brown, C.N., Mallin, M.A., and Loh, A.N.
  Evolution of the Caribbean subfamily Mussinae (Anthozoa: Scleractinia: Faviidae): transitions between solitary and colonial formssponsors only content
Author Budd, A. F., Woodell, J. D., Huang, D., and Klaus, J. S.
  A high-resolution remotely sensed benthic habitat map of the Qatari coastal zonesponsors only content
Author Butler, J. D., Purkis, S. J., Yousef, R., Al-Shaikh, I.
  The effects of diagenesis on lithium isotope ratios of shallow marine carbonatessponsors only content
Author Dellinger, M., Hardisty, D. S., Planavsky, N. J., Gill, B. C., Kalderon-Asael, B., Asael, D., Croissant, T., Swart, P. K., and West, A. J.
  Porosity distribution and evolution in Pleistocene reefal limestone: Implications for scale-dependent fluid flowsponsors only content
Author Diaz, V. D., McNeill, D. F., Goodwin, R. C., and Klaus, J. S.
  Early Miocene shallow-water corals from La Guajira, Colombia: part II, Mussidae-Siderastreidae and Milleporidaesponsors only content
Author Florez, P., Zapata-Ramírez, and Klaus, J. S.
  Impact of Facies and Diagenetic Variability on Permeability and Fluid Flow in an Oolitic Grainstone – Pleistocene Miami Oolitesponsors only content
Author Harris, P. M. and Purkis, S.
  Prehistoric baseline reveals substantial decline of oyster reef condition in a Gulf of Mexico conservation priority area
Author Hesterberg, S.G., Herbert, G.S., Pluckhahn, T.J., Harke, R.M., Al-Qattan, N.M., Duke, C.T., Moore, E.W., Smith, M.E., Delgado, A.C. and Sampson, C.P.
  Late Cambrian Microbial Buildups, Llano Area, Central Texas: A 3-Phase Morphological Evolutionsponsors only content
Author Khanna, P., Hopson, H. H., Droxler, A. W., Droxler, D. A., Lehrmann, D. J., Kubik, B., Proctor, J., Singh, P., and Harris, P. M.
  Implications for Controls on Upper Cambrian Microbial Build-ups Across Multiple-Scales, Mason County, Central Texas, USAsponsors only content
Author Khanna, P., Pyrcz, M., Droxler, A. W., Hopson, H. H., Harris, P. M., and Lehrmann, D. J.
  Origin and evolution of fault-controlled hydrothermal dolomitization frontssponsors only content
Author Koeshidayatullah, A., Corlett, H., Stacey, J., Swart, P. K., Boyce, A., and Hollis, C.
  Evaluating new fault-controlled hydrothermal dolomitization models: Insights from the Cambrian dolomite, Western Canadian sedimentary basinsponsors only content
Author Koeshidayatullah, A., Corlett, H., Stacey, J., and Swart, P. K., Boyce, A., Robertson, H., Whitaker, F., and Hollis, C.
  Controls on microbial, oolitic and associated carbonate sedimentation and stratigraphic cyclicity within a mixed carbonate siliciclastic system: Upper Cambrian Wilberns Formation, llano area of central Texassponsors only content
Author Lehrmann, D. J., Droxler, A. W., Harris, P. M., Minzoni, M., Blake, E., Droxler, D. A., Ford, C., Hopson, H. H., Kelleher, C., Khanna, P., Lhemann, A., Mabry, G., Mercado, L., Proctor, J., Singh, P., Swartz, H., and Yazbek, L.
  Carbonate Pore Systems: New Developments and Case Studiessponsors only content
Author McNeill, D. F., Harris, P. M., Rankey, E. A., and Hsieh, J.
  Nature of porosity in marine calcite concretions: Insights from ion-micromilled surfacessponsors only content
Author McNeill, D. F., Bode-Omoleye, I., and Grammer, M.
  Ramp reef depositional facies model for the mid- Pliocene Golden Gates reef member of the Tamiami formation, South Floridasponsors only content
Author Meeder, J. F., Klaus, J. S., and Grasmueck, M.
  Geochemical fingerprints of dolomitization in Bahamian carbonates: Evidence from Sulphur, calcium, magnesium and clumped isotopessponsors only content
Author Murray, S. T., Higgins, J. A., Holmden, C., Lu, C., and Swart, P. K.
  The contribution of prokaryotes and terrestrial plants to Maldives inter-atoll sapropels: Evidence from organic biomarkerssponsors only content
Author Nakakuni, M., Takehara, K., Swart, P. K., and Yamamoto, S.
  Facies and geometry of drowning steps in a Miocene carbonate platform (Maldives)sponsors only content
Author Reolid, J., Betzler, C., Braga, J. C., Lüdmann, T., Ling, A., and Eberli, G. P.
  Periplatform ooze in a mixed siliciclastic-carbonate system - Vaca Muerta Formation, Argentinasponsors only content
Author Rodriguez-Blanco, L., Eberli, G. P., Weger, R. J., Swart, P. K., Tenaglia, M., Rueda, L., and McNeill, D. F.
  Anomalous δ13C in Particulate Organic Carbon at the Chemoautotrophy Maximum in the Cariaco Basinsponsors only content
Author Scranton, M. I., Taylor, G. T., Thunell, R. C., Muller-Karger, F. E., Astor, Y., Swart, P., Edgcomb, V. P., and Pachiadaki, M. G.
  Boiled or roasted? Bivalve cooking methods of early Puerto Ricans elucidated using clumped isotopessponsors only content
Author Staudigel, P. T., Swart, P. K., Pourmand, A., Laguer-Díaz, C. A., and Pestle, W. J.
  Total organic carbon quantification from wireline logging techniques: A case study in the Vaca Muerta Formation, Argentinasponsors only content
Author Tenaglia, M., Eberli, G. P., Weger, R. J., Blanco, L. R., Rueda Sánchez, L. E., and Swart, P. K.
  Estuarine biofilm patterns: Modern analogs for Precambrian selforganization?sponsors only content
Author Van de Vijsel, R. C., van de Belzen, J., Bouma, T. J., van de Wal, D., Cusseddu, V., Purkis, S. J., Rietkerk, M., and van de Koppel, J.
  Impacts of a changing earth on microbial dynamics and human health risks in the continuum between beach water and sandsponsors only content
Author Weiskerger, C. J., Brandão, J., Ahmed, W., Aslan, A., Avolio, L., Badgley, B. B., Boehm, A. B., Edge, T. A., Fleisher, J. M., Heaney, C. D., Jordao, L., Kinzelman, J. L., Klaus, J. S., Kleinheinz, G. T., Meriläinen, P., Nshimyimana, J. P., Phanikumar, M. S., Piggot, A. M., Pitkänen, T., Robinson, C., Sadowsky, M. J., Staley, C., Staley, Z. R., Symonds, E. M., Vogel, L. J., Yamahara, K. M., Whitman, R. L., Solo-Gabriele, H. M., and Harwood, V. J.
  Origin of blocky aragonite cement in Cenozoic glaciomarine sediments, McMurdo Sound, Antarcticasponsors only content
Author Yang, M. Y., Frank, T. D., Fielding, C. R., Smith, M. E., and Swart, P. K.
  Simulating meteoric and mixing zone carbonate diagenesis with a two-dimensional reactive transport modelsponsors only content
Author Zhao, M., Planavsky, N., Oehlert, A. M., Wei, G., and Gong, Z.




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