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Reservoir Characterization and Carbon Capture Utilization and Storage (CCUS)

In the Carbon Capture Utilization and Storage (CCUS) theme we continue the longterm

experiments of the seal capacity of mudstone in petrophysical laboratory but with a

re-design of the experimental set-up that allows for CO2-Brine saturation prior to CO2

injection. A second project is in ‘blue carbon’; carbon sequestration by blue carbon

ecosystems has been proposed to play a significant role in offsetting national CO2. The goal

of the proposed blue carbon project is to quantify the extent of blue carbon ecosystems in

~70 atolls that were mapped by the Global Reef Expedition. A third project addresses both,

carbonate production by marine fish and their importance in the global carbon cycle.

Carbonate grains produced by fish produce organic matter and carbonate minerals that are

subsequently excreted to the water column. The production of this “ichythyocarbonate,”

has been greatly underestimated. A study aims to quantitatively define the role of

ichthyocarbonate in the global carbon cycle.

Current Projects

Fish Diet Impacts the Role of Ichthyocarbonate in the Global Carbon Cycle


Project Media
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Investigators: Amanda M. Oehlert, Amy Feltz, Sydney Cloutier, Matthew Maron, Katie Hastings, Jonathan Cordle, Sarah Walls, Bret Marek, Jacob Belkin, John Stieglitz, Martin Grosell, and Rachael Heuer

Project Objectives:

  • Determine how diet impacts ichthyocarbonate production rate and composition through controlled experiments.
  • Improve understanding of how ichthyocarbonate contributes to carbon fluxes in the global carbon cycle.


Estimating Blue Carbon Storage Potential in Earth’s Remotest Atolls


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Investigators: Gaëlle Duchâtellier, Anna Bakker, Sam J. Purkis, Maria Estevanez, Rachel M. Heuer, Martin Grosel, and Amanda M. Oehlert

Project Objectives:

  • Quantify the extent of blue carbon ecosystems in ~70 atolls around the world.
  • Estimate potential carbon stocks in these atolls by leveraging > 30 publications on carbon sequestration in coastal ecosystems.



Testing Seal Capacity for Carbon Storage - an Experimental Approach – (Year 2)


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Investigators: Ralf J. Weger, Peter K. Swart, and Gregor P. Eberli

Project Objectives:

  • Re-design an experimental set-up that allows for CO2-Brine saturation prior to CO2 injection.
  • Evaluate how the pre saturated CO2-Brine mixture alters the seal capacity of mixed carbonate-siliciclastic samples.
  • Run experiments to assess the amount of dissolution and possible breach of samples.





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