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Petrophysics is the study if the physical properties of the rocks. The main goal of our petrophysical studies is assessment of the controlling parameters, such as porosity, pore structures, pressure, saturation and mineralogy on sonic velocity, resistivity and permeability in carbonates. 

Our current projects are complementing other topics. In the carbonate countourite topic we search for the relationship between the ichnofabrics in drifts with petrophysical properties that potentially helps discriminate coarse from fine-grained drift deposits. In the past we performed precipitation and dissolution experiments in pressure-controlled conditions and monitored the changes in velocity and chemical composition of the pore fluids. We plan a similar study on rock fluid interaction on seal rocks in the CCUS topic. in the unconventional topic, we plan to acquire a dataset with the same detail and methodology as we did in the Vaca Muerta Formation to characterize the facies, TOC distribution, geochemical signature, and petrophysical properties of this formation.


Current Projects

Testing Seal Capacity for Carbon Storage - an Experimental Approach


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Investigators: Ralf J. Weger, Peter K. Swart, and Gregor P. Eberli

Project Objectives:

Design an experimental set-up that allows testing how CO2 injection alters the seal capacity in carbon storage sites.


  • Run experiments to assess the dissolution and potential leakage of strata that seal storage reservoirs.
  • Monitor chemical and physical changes in the rock
    • Document and quantify amount of dissolution and/or precipitation from injection of CO2 saturated fluids into these rocks.
    • Assess changes in acoustic velocity resulting from injection of CO2 saturated fluids.



Ichnofabric Control on Petrophysical Signature in Carbonate contourite Drifts


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Investigators: Jesus Reolid, Ralf J. Weger, and Gregor P. Eberli

Project Objectives:

  • Test the hypothesis that different ichnofabrics in carbonate contourite drifts have distinct petrophysical properties.

  • Compare ichnofacies and petrophysical signatures of slope deposits to those in carbonate contourite drifts to produce discriminating criteria.

  • Incorporate these results into a more general catalogue for discriminating slope/basin deposits from carbonate contourite drifts using petrophysical logs.


Early Marine Cementation Processes and Velocity Evolution


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Investigators: Mara R. Diaz, Ralf J. Weger, Peter K. Swart, Qian Ding, and Gregor P. Eberli

Project Objectives:

  • To investigate the role of microbes in ooid lithification processes that leads to the formation of grapestones and rocks.

  • Compare the influence of biologically mediated versus inorganically precipitated cements on acoustic velocity and rock strength of carbonates.





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