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Gregor P. Eberli

Director, Comparative Sedimentology Laboratory, Professor of Marine Geosciences
Ph.D., ETH Zurich, 1985

Shallow and deep-water carbonate systems; Seismic facies analysis and sequence stratigraphy, petrophysics of carbonates and mixed carbonate/siliciclastic systems.




Mark P. Grasmueck

Associate Professor of Marine Geosciences
Ph.D., ETH Zurich, 1995

Applied geophysics, reflection seismic, Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR), equipment development, 3-D and 4-D near surface imaging, reservoir characterization, Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUV), cold-water coral ecosystems, data integration and visualization.




James S. Klaus

Assistant Professor, Department of Geological Sciences, University of Miami
2005, Ph.D., University of Illinois
2001, M.Sc., Geoscience, University of Iowa
1999, B.Sc., Geoscience (Honors), University of Iowa

Evolution and extinction of Cenozoic to Recent reef corals, paleoecology of Cenozoic reefs, geo-microbiology of modern coral reef ecosystems.




Donald F. McNeill

Professor of Marine Geosciences RSMAS, Dept. of Geological Sciences, University of Miami
Ph.D., University of Miami (RSMAS), 1989

Sedimentology and Stratigraphic Correlation of Carbonate and Mixed Systems; Intergrated Stratigraphy (Bio-, Sr-, Isotope-, Magnetostratigraphy)




Sam Purkis

Professor of Marine Geosciences, University of Miami
2004, PhD., Earth Observation and Geology, VU, University Amsterdam; 2002, Ms Degree, Earth Science, VU, University Amsterdam

Remote sensing, GIS, comparative sedimentology, mathematical simulation, geomodelling




Peter K. Swart

Professor of Marine Geosciences
Ph.D. Geochemistry, Kings College, University of London, 1980.

Sedimentary geochemistry, stable isotope geochemistry, organic geochemistry, global climate change, coral reef sedimentation.



Scientific Collaborators


Dr. Christian Betzler and Colleagues

University of Hamburg, Germany



Dr. Dierk Hebeln and Colleagues

University of Bremen, Germany



Thierry Mulder, Ph.D. and Colleagues

Université de Bordeaux, France


Associate Scientists


Mara R. Diaz

Marine Biology and Ecology




Greta Mackenzie



Assistant Scientists


Ralf J. Weger

Ph.D., University of Miami, 2006


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Visiting Scientists


Paul (Mitch) Harris

Ph.D. Marine Geology, University of Miami, 1977

M.S. Degree, West Virginia University

B.S. Degree, West Virginia University


Current research interests: (1) carbonate sand deposits in the Bahamas as templates for undersanding reservoir heterogeneity; (2) microbial-dominated carbonate platform margins, especially Late Paleozoic examples; and (3) isolated platform type carbonate reservoirs. 


Post-doctoral Associates


Sean Murray

PhD., University of Miami, 2016

BSc Geological Sciences (2009), University of Miami

Development and Application of Clumped Isotopes to Carbonate Geochemistry

Research interests: My interests involve the influence of diagenesis and dolomitization on the clumped isotope paleothermometer. My work is mostly focused in the Bahamas where I examine young dolomites with well constrained geologic histories. I have also dabbled in dolomites from the Madison and am also currently attempting to precipitate equilibrium calcites for use in standardizing clumped isotope paleothermometry.


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Brandon Burke

MSc student since 2015 (Supervisor: Jim Klaus)

Research interests: Mixed-System Stratigraphy Research in Mao, Valverde of the Dominican Republic. Sedimentology, reef development including lateral and vertical heterogeneities, and sequence stratigraphy of mixed-systems in the northern Dominican Republic.

Geologist - Shallow Hazards Assessments at Berger Geosciences (2013-2015)

BSc Earth Sciences (2013), Rice University



Sara Bashah

PhD student since August 2015 (Advisor: Gregor P. Eberli)

Research interests: Carbonate system of Central Luconia, Malaysia. 

MSc. Carbonate Rock Physics in Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS

BSc Geology in Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia





Sean Ahearn

Master of Science Student since 2013 (Supervisor Prof. Peter Swart)

Research interests: Stable Isotope Geochemistry, Carbonate diagenetic processes in hyper saline environments.

BSc Geological and Environmental Science (2012), University of Miami College of Arts and Science




Viviana Diaz

PhD Student since 2011 (Supervisor Prof. James Klaus and Donald F. McNeill)

Research interests: Evolution of Plio-Pleistocene fringing reefs in the southern Dominican Republic. The goal is to develop an integrated sequence stratigraphic model that characterizes both depositional and diagenetic trends and the large-scale porosity and permeability distributions that result with repeated cycles of freshwater and marine diagenesis from regional uplift and high-amplitude changes in sea level.

MSc Geology (2009), University of North Carolina -Wilmington

BSc Geology (2006), University of Puerto Rico-Mayaguez




Kimberly C. Galvez

PhD Student since 2014 (Supervisor Prof. Gregor Eberli) 

Research interests: Observe and assess the development of cold-water corals in the Straits of Florida through means of determining age of the current and fossilized CWC systems using radiometric dating technology and assessing the formation of the carbonate mounds sedimentological facies deposition over time. Determining age and species variability of these corals and their environments may provide insights into geological and biological formations in that region. 

B.A. in Biological Sciences and B.A. in Geography (2013), University of Miami 


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Emma Giddens

PhD Student since 2016 (Supervisor Prof. Gregor Eberli) 

Research Interests: Carbonate Petroleum Geology

MSc Geology: University of Oklahoma, 2016

B.S. Geology and Mathematics: Southern Methodist University, 2013



Sharmila Giri



Kelly L. Jackson

PhD Student (Prof. Gregor Eberli)

Stratigraphic Heterogeneity of a Windward Platform Margin, Exumas, Bahamas

BA Music/Violin, BSc Marine Science and Geology (2004), University of Miami

MSc Marine Geology and Geophysics (2008), University of Miami


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Anna Ling

PhD Student since 2014 (Supervisor Prof. Gregor Eberli)

Research Interests: W. Florida Shelf and Maldives

MSc Geosciences (2013), ETH Zurich/University of Zurich (Switzerland)

BSc Geology (2010), Universiti Malaysia Sabah UMS (Malaysia)


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Sevag Mehterian

PhD Student since 2013 (Supervisor Prof. Peter Swart)

Reconstruction of Late Pleistocene Climate Through δ18O, δ13C, and Clumped Isotopic Analysis of Caribbean and Middle Eastern Speleothems

Research Interests: Comparative geochemical analysis of two radically different climatic regimes in the world as seen through marine and terrestrial speleothems.

B.A. Marine Science & B.A. Geography, University of California, Berkeley


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Chelsea Pederson

PhD Student since 2012 (Supervisor Dr. James Klaus, Assistant professor)

Research interests: My research focuses on microbial microbial deposits in the geologic record. Currently, I am working on an integrative study focusing on the deposition and preservation of freshwater microbial carbonates in the Florida Everglades. The main objective of this research is to analyze a microbial carbonate deposit from deposition to early burial. Through integrative analyses, a pedigree will be created for freshwater microbialites by tracking characteristics and geochemical signals through various stages of burial.

Previous education: BSc in Marine Science and Biology from University of Miami, FL.



Laura Rueda

PhD Student since 2013 (Supervisor Prof. Gregor Eberli)

Research Interests: Reservoir characterization and basin analysis. My goal for my graduate studies in geosciences is to prepare myself for a productive career in research on sedimentology and stratigraphy and  for the prediction and characterization of reservoirs.

BSc Geology (2008), Universidad Industrial de Santander UIS, Colombia.




Jara S.D. Schnyder

PhD Student since 2013 (Supervisor Prof. Gregor Eberli)

Submarine Mass Wasting in Carbonate Environment

Research Interests: Morphobathymetric mapping and analysis of slope instabilities, simulation and numerical modeling of tsunami wave generated by a submarine landslide on western Great Bahama Bank, preconditions and triggers for submarine slope failures, FEM modeling of fluid flow during compactation and consolidation, habitat mapping cold-water corals.

MSc Geophysics (2012), ETH Zurich (Switzerland)

BSc Earth Sciences (2010), ETH Zurich/University of Zurich (Switzerland)




Philip Staudigel

PhD Student since 2013 (Supervisor Prof. Peter Swart)

Research Interests: Mineral and rock alteration, sediment diagenesis, isotope geochemistry.

BSc Earth Sciences (2012), UC Santa Cruz



Max Tenaglia

PhD Student since 2013 (Supervisor Prof. Gregor Eberli)

Research interests: Vaca Muerta Formation, Neuquen, Argentina. Currently examining source rock quality controls and variability in a mixed carbonate-siliciclastic system. Future works include relating geochemical/petrophysical properties and well log information to potentially create subsurface models. 

BSc Geological Sciences (2012), University of Miami



Research Associates


Amel Saied


Administrative Assistants


Karen Neher

Office Manager since 1984

BA degree in Philosophy and Religion

Responsible for contracts/agreements/fiscal documents, invoices, purchase orders, and orders. Karen manages the CSL accounts and takes care of salary assignments, billing for the CSL, travel documents, and reimbursements. She disseminates information to the CSL sponsors, organizes field trips and meetings.





Christopher Kaiser





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