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Educational Background
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Donald F. McNeill

Scientist, Department of Marine Geosciences, University of Miami

Educational Background

  Ph.D., University of Miami (RSMAS), 1989

Research Interests


Sedimentology and Stratigraphic Correlation of Carbonate and Mixed Systems; Intergrated Stratigraphy (Bio-, Sr-, Isotope-, Magnetostratigraphy)


Courses Taught


Recent Publications


McNeill, D.F., and Pisera, A., 2010.  Neogene lithofacies evolution on a small carbonate platform in the Loyalty Basin, Maré, New Caledonia.  In W. Morgan et al., (eds.): Cenozoic Carbonate Systems of Australasia, SEPM Special Publication No. 95, p. 232-244.


Klaus, J.S., Lutz, B.P., McNeill, D.F., Budd, A.F., Johnson, K.G., and Ishman, S.E., 2011.  Rise and fall of Pliocene free-living corals in the Caribbean.  Geology, v. 39, p. 375-378.


Bauch, T., Reijmer, J.J.G., McNeill, D.F., and Schafer, P., 2011, Development of a mixed carbonate-siliciclastic reef (Limon, Costa Rica).  Sedimentary Geology (posted online July 2011).


McNeill, D.F., Klaus, J.S., Budd, A.F., Lutz, B, and Ishman, S., 2011, Neogene chronology and sequence stratigraphy of mixed carbonate-siliciclastic deposits of the Cibao Basin, Dominican Republic: Refining the shallow-water fossil record in the Caribbean: Geological Soc. of America Bulletin (posted online August, 2011).


Klaus, J.S., McNeill, D.F., Budd, A.F., and Coates, A., submitted.  Neogene reef coral assemblages of the Bocas del Toro region, Panama: The rise of Acropora palmata.  Coral Reefs (in revision).


McNeill, D.F., Klaus, J.S., O'Connell, L.A., Coates, A., and Morgan, W.A., submitted.  Depositional facies, stratigraphy, and eogenetic karst features on an attached carbonate platform: Isla Colon, Bocas del Toro Archipelago, Panama.  Journal of Sedimentary Research (in review).


Contact Information


Department of Marine Geosciences
RSMAS - University of Miami 
4600 Rickenbacker Causeway 
Miami, FL 33149 USA

Phone: (305)421-4790
Fax: (305)421-4632




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