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The Comparative Sedimentology Laboratory (CSL) - Center for Carbonate Research conducts fundamental research for a comprehensive understanding of the processes controlling carbonate systems. To reach this goal, we compare:

  • modern and ancient depositional systems, 
  • outcrop and subsurface data (reflection seismic, ground penetrating radar, core and logs), and 
  • theory and experiments. 

This approach enables us to relate processes to the products in the rock record. In addition, the integration of lithologic, seismic, log and geochemical data with sedimentologic, stratigraphic and diagenetic attributes provides the base for a comprehensive understanding of the rock record that can be mined to address fundamental scientific questions.

Research at the CSL - Center for Carbonate Research has three main themes:

  • Carbonate Systems
  • Geophysics and Petrophysics
  • Geochemistry and Diagenesis

Within these three themes we explore new approaches and techniques in to advance the research success. Most research projects are interdisciplinary, integrating geology, geophysics, geobiology, and geochemistry and combine observational, laboratory, and theoretical research.

Our research projects cover a wide range of topics in both shallow and deep-water carbonates, unconventional plays, and two new projects that deal with questions in Carbon Capture Utilization and Storage (CCUS). In this latter topic we rely on our expertise in petrophysical laboratory experiments and work in modern environments which store abundant quantities of organic carbon, the so-called ‘blue carbon’. This year (2022) the projects are divided into six main topics:

  • Shallow-water Carbonates
  • Rift Basin and Microbial Carbonates
  • Carbonate Contourite Depositional Systems
  • Geochemistry of Carbonates
  • Unconventional Reservoirs
  • Carbon capture Utilization and Storage (CCUS)

In addition to the fundamental knowledge gained from these studies we aim to inform our industrial associates regarding the  newest research techniques that potentially can be incorporated into the workflow of projects or help to solve longstanding problems in a variety of fields.


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