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The Industrial Associates Program of the Comparative Sedimentology Laboratory at the University of Miami offers energy sector companies participation and results in basic and applied research that is relevant for their success in exploration and production. The integrated research program is assembled each year in consultation with the participating companies. Research results are presented at an annual review meeting. The yearly review allows geoscientists to interact with their counterparts in other companies and to stay abreast of the latest developments in carbonate research.

Six companies are currently part of the Industrial Associates Program: BP, Chevron ETC, PTTEP, ENI, Petrobras and SINOPEC.

The deliverables to our industrial associates include:
a) an annual report, delivered during our annual meeting in Miami,
b) preprints of all our papers, and
c) data sets that are generated within the consortium (per request)
d) this web site with updates and archives of the current and past research projects.

We also offer:

• Continuing Education Courses
• Field Seminars
• Proprietary Research Projects
• Consulting

Knowledge transfer and continuing education for geoscientists is a prime objective of the CSL. To this end we offer seminar courses and field trips in the modern and ancient depositional systems. Short courses of various aspects of carbonate reservoir characterization are tailored to the needs of contracting companies. In addition, specific research or measurements are conducted per request for individual companies. The results of specific projects are treated as proprietary to the company, which paid for the project. Such projects can include studies in the modern, overview studies, or targeted reservoir characterization projects.

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