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Impressions from the CSL Fieldtrip to the Florida Keys

This year’s CSL fieldtrip was led by the founder of the CSL Robert N. Ginsburg and was a tribute to his accomplishments in carbonate research over more than 5 decades.

Field stops included the Pleistocene Miami Oolite and Key Largo Formations, the modern Florida Bay mudbanks, basins and islands and the modern Florida Reef Tract. Together with Robert N. Ginsburg a team of co-leaders (Eugene A. Shinn, Harold Hudson, Paul M. (Mitch) Harris, Peter Swart, Mark Grasmueck, Don McNeill and Gregor Eberli) introduced industrial participants and students to the modern and Pleistocene environments of South Florida and their particular contributions to the understanding of carbonate sedimentation.

Below are some impressions from the fieldtrip


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