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2010 Annual Review Meeting - Program online

CSL Annual Review Meeting 2010 Program


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"Comprehensive Review of a Modern Environment"

October 12-15,2010

The founder of the CSL, Dr. Robert Ginsburg, will lead the 3-day fieldtrip October 12-15, to the Florida Keys. The fieldtrip is both a comprehensive review of this modern environment and a tribute to Robert Ginsburg’s scientific accomplishments. The field days will be filled with discussions of our advancement in carbonates from the early days of carbonate research in the area, while the evenings will be a celebration of his lifetime achievements.

Itinerary: During the first day of the fieldtrip we will be exploring the low-energy environments of Florida Bay, including the mud banks. The second day we will visit the Florida Reef tract. On Friday morning (the third day) we will be looking at outcrops of Pleistocene reefs. In the afternoon of October 15th the participants will travel back to Miami, arriving at Miami airport around 3:00 pm.

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