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CSL Field Seminars 2009

The Comparative Sedimentology Laboratory offers two field seminars in 2009:

AAPG Seminar:
Sequence Stratigraphy and Reservoir Distribution
in a Modern Carbonate Platform, Bahama

Leaders: Gregor P. Eberli, G. Michael Grammer and Paul M. (Mitch) Harris
Date: June 15-20, 2009

This seminar combines a one day core workshop with 5 days of field seminar to the northwestern Great Bahama Bank to the modern depositional environments of platform margin, ooid shoals, platform interior facies, patch reefs, barrier reefs and tidal flats, and some of their Pleistocene counterparts

Registration at AAPG:
AAPG Registration
or by phone 1-800-364-2274


Industrial Associates Seminar:
Heterogeneity of Bank Margin Ooid Sands
Depositional Models and Reservoir Analogs
Exuma, Bahamas

Leaders: Gregor P. Eberli, Donald F. McNeill and Paul M. (Mitch) Harris
Date: June 21-26, 2009

A five day field seminar to the windward margin of Exuma Sound illustrates the variability and lateral distribution of high energy ooid deposits and its interaction with eolian deposits

or by phone 1-305-421-4678


Further information can be found in the field seminar prospectus

Field Seminar Bahamas

Field Seminar Exuma

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