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2019 Field Seminar Maiella Mountains, Italy - Second Circular & Registration


A new coarse-grained carbonate contourite drift has been discovered in the Maldives at the mouths of channels that open into the Inner Sea. The coarse-grained nature of these delta drifts makes them unique current-controlled systems. The bioclastic wedge of the Upper Cretaceous Orfento Formation in the Maiella Mountains, Italy, is such a carbonate delta drift deposit, forming a delta-shaped sedimentary body of ~350 km2with a thickness of 360 m (Fig. 1). The coarse-grained delta drift has excellent reservoir potential as documented by the high permeability of the deposits during an infiltration experiment in the Madonna Della Mazza quarry. The fieldtrip aims to introduce the participants the dimensions, geometry of this coarse-grained delta drift, and the sedimentary processes that alternate from bedload to suspended flow. 

The field seminar will focus on the coarse bioclastic Upper Cretaceous delta drift but the results of the GPR survey in Madonna Della Mazza quarry, the Maiella platform margin architecture and large-scale mass gravity flow deposits in the basin adjacent to the escarpment-like margin will also be examined.

Who should attend?

Geoscientists who explore in coarse-grained carbonates and redeposited deep-water carbonates. The seminar will help discriminating between coarse-grained mass-gravity flow and current deposits.


Please contact

Karen Neher(305) 421-4684 kneher@rsmas.miami.edu


Gregor P. Eberli (305) 421-4678  geberli@rsmas.miami.edu

before May 31, 2019


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