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2015 New Educational Program


Certificate Program in

Applied Carbonate Geology


To advance knowledge and understanding in carbonate systems by providing students and geoscientists with a comprehensive education in carbonate geology, geophysics, and geochemistry and thereby transforming them into experts in carbonates. The certificate program is designed for working professionals who want a specialization in this field. The goal is to provide first-rate continuing education to professionals or geology students who want to become specialists in carbonate geology.

Learning Outcome 1: Students will gain a broad knowledge of carbonate geology and an awareness of scientific research in their subject areas.

Learning Outcome 2: Students will learn how to incorporate acquired knowledge and available data and tools into the workflow of applied projects.

Learning Outcome 3: Students will learn oral and written communication skills, and will be able to effectively communicate and defend their ideas and findings to peers, managers, and administrators. 


Offered Courses

MGS 511 3 CR Earth Surface Systems

MGS 541 2 CR Field Evaluation of Fosiil Platforms, Margins, and Basins

MGS 601 1 CR Seminar in MGS

MGS 681 2 CR Field Seminar: Facies Successions on Great Bahama Bank

MGS 682 2 CR Field Seminar: Heterogeneity of a Windward Margin

MGS 683 2 CR Seismic Interpretation of Carbonate Facies

MGS 685 2 CR Petrophysics of Carbonates

MGS 686 2 CR Microbial Carbonates

MGS 687 2 CR Carbonate Diagenesis and Petrography

MGS 688 2 CR Carbonate Depositional Systems: Subsurface Analysis in Cores

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